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The Moody Sewist.

Moody Market Apron Pattern

Moody Market Apron Pattern

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This is an instant download, not a physical product. You will receive one zip file which contains three PDF Files which make up the complete pattern:
1 x Pattern Instructions
1 x Pattern Pieces
1 x Cutting Chart

There is a video tutorial available on YouTube (link at the bottom)

About the Pattern:

The Moody Market Apron is designed to be the best, most practical market apron you’ve ever used. It’s got pockets for days to keep your essentials close at hand yet protected from sticky fingers or from falling out. The apron was designed with functionality in mind and is laid out logically for any in-person seller. It features two zipper pockets on the front to keep your bills and change safe and organized, a flap pocket for your phone, and slip pockets for essentials like a Square Reader, a small notebook, and a pen, with optional pockets for either square or standard business cards. 

But wait, there’s more!

The Moody Market Apron has a top-secret rear zipper pocket to securely store extra cash out of sight. Like I said, this is the best, most practical market apron you’ve ever used. You can even get creative and adjust the pattern to suit your personal needs [#MoodyMarketApronHacks]. Add a D-Ring to the side to easily clip on keys or tools, adjust the slip pockets to the dimensions that make the most sense for you, add piping, give it your own personal touch with embroidery or HTV to reflect your business. [Or don’t.]

All seam allowances are ¼” and all topstitching is ⅛” unless otherwise specified. 

This is a measure-and-cut pattern with the exception of the corner guide and the Front Slip Pocket Flap. The finished size is 18” wide by 10” tall, plus waistband.

Sharing is caring! Don’t forget to post your #MoodyMarketApron and #MoodyMarketApronHacks in The Moody Sewist Swag + Brag and be sure to follow us on Facebook at The Moody Sewist.

You are encouraged to sell aprons made with this pattern. Pattern credit is appreciated <3

Supply List:

Fabric Requirements:

  • Main Fabric 19”w x 42”h
  • Lining Fabric 19”w x 18¼”
  • Contrast Fabric [Optional] 19”w x 16”h
  • Interfacing SF101 or similar woven light weight fusible interfacing 19”w x 42”h

Other Materials:

  • 50”-60” length of 1” nylon webbing OR actual waist measurement plus 8” [To be size inclusive it is recommended to make the webbing at least 50” unless custom measurements are provided.]
  • 17” #5 nylon coil zipper tape [Note: The pattern is written for 1¼” wide tape. If your tape is narrower than this OR if you use a narrower presser foot you may have to trim along the bottom edge of the rear panel.] 
  • 10” #5 nylon coil zipper tape
  • 3x #5 nylon coil zipper pulls [2 on the front, 1 on the back]
  • 1x 1” slide release buckle and 1x 1” webbing keeper 
    • OR 1x 1” D-Ring and 1x 1” Swivel Clasp and 1x 1” strap adjuster/triglide
  • [Optional] 1 Plastic Snap/Kam snap
  • [Optional] 15+ 8mm x 6mm Double Cap Rivets. If your materials are thick you may need longer posts for the waistband.
  • [Optional] 1x 1” D-Ring
  • [Optional] 40” piping or trim - Have you ever used zipper tape as piping? Because it’s brilliant and you should. 

NOTE: Some of the photos are previous tester versions of the pattern and may vary slightly from the final pattern [the main listing photo]
Thank you to my amazing team of testers who made this pattern possible!
Please check out their websites/FB/IG and show them some love <3 

A2 Designs Canada
Atelier Fiber Arts
Bottoms to Tops
Cork and Copper Designs
Mom Stitches Love
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VIDEO TUTORIAL by Beth Ruiz can be found here:

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Customer Reviews

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Pattern was easy to read and walks you through step by step. Really good about putting seam allowances right there in the steps so you don't have to hunt for them. I was able to cut out and make my market apron in one day!

Chantale Leonard
It puts the fun in Functional!

I haven’t had a chance to make it yet but the directions seem pretty straightforward. Can’t wait to pick out my fabrics for it. Thank you!


This looks awesome! I can't wait to try it!