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The Moody Sewist.

Here Fishy Fishy #5 Zipper Pulls

Here Fishy Fishy #5 Zipper Pulls

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Reel in the Charm with our Here Fishy Fishy Zipper Pulls! Perfect for crafting fishing-inspired dopp kits or accessorizing your gear, these fin-tastic zipper pulls are the catch of the day. Our Here Fishy Fishy pulls bring a touch of aquatic charm to your bags. Whether you're an angler at heart or just looking to hook the perfect gift for the fisher in your life, these zipper pulls will have your bags swimming in style. Make a splash and let your gear take the plunge!

#5 Zipper pulls, sold in sets of three.

The pulls are double sided, so they will look amazing no matter how they are hanging. 

The Moody Sewist.

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