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The Moody Sewist

Favourite Jeans Zipper Tape

Favourite Jeans Zipper Tape

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#5 zipper tape with Antique Bronze nylon coils.

This colour is available in pre-cuts only. The product arrived from my supplier with marks and blemishes throughout. In order to ensure top quality for the Moody Sewists out there I have personally inspected every inch of the zipper tape and cut it to blemish-free lengths. I am human, so there might be a very small spot or two that I have missed, but I did my very best, and any marks that may remain were so small that they didn't catch my very diligent eye. 

If you are interested in blemished zipper tape please let me know and you can have some for free with your next order. I'd love for it to go to use despite being cosmetically flawed. It would be great for practice or for something you know will get very dirty anyway like a camping bag or even a kids backpack (if your kid is anything like mine!)

The Moody Sewist.

Zipper tape requires TRACKED shipping or local pick up as it is too thick and bulky to fit through lettermail

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